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Tower Services

The management team at DTREDS has over 87 years of combined experience working on telecommunications networks for the government and private sectors. Our working relationships go back over 15 years, some of which include network buildouts for Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, US Cellular, and T-Mobile. DTREDS’ management team also worked together on several government projects, including the RVSS buildout and SBInet initiative.

Tower, Power, and Telecommunications EFI&T

Site Infrastructure (Tower, Power, and Shelters)

Rapid Deployment Towers (RDT)

Self-Supporting Towers (SST)

Guyed Towers

Water Towers

Stealth Structures

Roof and Building Mounts

Infrastructure and Tower Site Inspections

Infrastructure and Tower Site Survey, Design, Maintenance, and Repair

Grounding and Lightning Mitigation Systems

Satellite Communication
Tower Decon
Tower Decon
Taking Down H-Frame
Into the Void


Projects, both large and small, require support, the right equipment, and a great team to complete the job at hand. DTREDS has worked successfully in some of the toughest conditions and time constraints. Our Project Managers and field personnel are dedicated to get sites complete and operational within the set performance period.

Services We Provide:

Site Development

Construction Management

Zoning and Site Acquisition

Leasing and Permitting

Commissioning Services